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Amethyst's clinical staff are nationally certified and fully licensed professionals with experience and extensive education.  Each therapist is committed to providing the best evidenced based treatment and support for our clients.  We look forward to serving you.



Owner, CEO & Lead Psychotherapist

Serving North Carolina

Maya Pittman is a Nationally Certified Counselor, and a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor Supervisor from Raleigh, North Carolina. She earned her bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and went on to complete her master’s degree in Education and Human Development, with a specialization in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from The George Washington University in Washington, DC.  

With over ten years of professional experience, Maya believes in the mind-body-spirit connection.  This relationship specifically targets how biological, psychological and social factors affect health and overall emotional well-being leaving us as being more than just our thoughts.  Through psycho-dynamic, client centered and solution focused, acceptance commitment and cognitive behavioral therapies, Maya's integrative approach caters to the uniqueness of each person she serves. She believes her function as a therapist should not be to act as a ringleader, but rather a facilitator of change and/or survival that works with her clients.  This is held by the belief and understanding that human beings truly have the tools within themselves to heal and build their own sense of balance.  

As therapy is a process of growth and self-discovery, Maya's sessions promote behavioral transformation by encouraging and teaching the skill of mindfulness to help clients recognize, gain deeper understanding about, and lean into the difficult emotional experiences that more often cause us to become "stuck".  Emotional health does not come from simply being "happy", but learning how to live through a full range of emotions.  She provides individual therapy to adults, while providing dynamic speaking engagements and presentations to educate others on a variety of mental health topics. 

Maya enjoys writing and performing spoken word poetry, speaking, travel, great friends, family and food!  She spends priceless present time with her husband and sweet one year old daughter exploring, vibing to music and basking in gratitude.  Her favorite movie of all time is Home Alone.  


15-minute phone consultation: Free

Initial Intake Session: Starting at $150

Individual Sessions: Starting at $150



Assistant Director, Psychotherapist

Serving Washington DC, Maryland, Virginia

With over ten years of clinical experience, Gregory Pate believes that our inner work begins with gaining a keen awareness of our past.  It is in the past that we hold the core of our physical, mental, and emotional experiences. Greg's mission is to support his clients in "understanding who they were and guiding them on a journey to who they strive to become."

Through a psycho-dynamic approach, Greg provides treatments utilizing client-centered, reality, solution-focused, and cognitive behavioral approaches.  Furthermore, he is passionate about the mission of Amethyst Counseling with regards to building your own balance and incorporates new and innovative mindfulness techniques in his work. His areas of expertise range from addiction, stress and anger management, anxiety, depression, relationship issues and other general problems in living.

Greg provides individual therapy and counseling services to adolescents, adults, families and couples.  As a culturally competent counselor, he serves all people regardless of race, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, gender and sexual orientation.  In an environment rooted in safety, mutual respect, and open communication, he looks forward to creating working relationships aimed at healing both body and mind.

Gregory loves to travel, attend concerts and spend time with family and friends.  He aims to live life to the fullest and maximize every minute of every day.  He hates surprises, but LOVES to surprise!  He's a food connoisseur and his favorite movie of all time is Home Alone. 


15-minute phone consultation: Free

Initial Intake Session: Starting at $80

Individual Session: Starting at $80



Serving North Carolina

Phylicia Bridgers obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Human Development and Family Studies from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro and went on to complete a Master of Science degree in Mental Health Counseling-Clinical from North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University. She is a Nationally Board Certified Counselor and a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor, through the North Carolina Board of Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselors.She has dedicated 10 years of her life to serving people as a clinician.


Phylicia believes successful treatment is rooted in a trusting therapeutic experience where she utilizes an opened-minded and non-judgmental attitude to gain a thorough understanding of her clients’ experiences. Theoretical orientations she adheres to include Cognitive Behavioral Therapy(CBT), Motivational Interviewing (MI), and Person-Centered Therapy, and Emotional Intelligence. She cherishes walking with clients through seasons of depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, family/relationship concerns, and stress. She also enjoys exploring opportunities for growth, transformation, and self-development with her clients. Spirituality, mindfulness, and being multiculturally aware are principles that impact her counseling practices.


Phylicia strongly believes that individual counseling is a partnership endeavor where both the counselor and you work together toward your growth, contentment, and fulfillment. She believes that our brain and emotions are designed to heal after various life experiences. It is her job as a clinician to create a counseling experience that will serve as an environment of healing and realignment. Phylicia believes that our thoughts impact our behavior, and our behavior impacts how we fulfill our purpose on the earth. 

Phylicia loves to cook and try new recipes from instagram and YouTube to channel her inner "Rachel Ray!" She aims to read one new book a month and enjoys hosting and planning events.  Her favorite all time color is purple and her favorite movie of all time is Home Alone.



15-minute phone consultation: Free

Initial Intake Session: Starting at $125

Individual Session: Starting at $125

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