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Amethyst: The Ultimate Gem

Updated: Nov 12, 2019

The amethyst stone has been one of the most consistent entities of my life. Born February 3, it first served as the 'mark of Maya', as I proceeded to seek all things purple. My birthstone belonged to me, a gift from the Universe that I sought out for this sense of connection and security. Little did I know of the gems (pun intended) it would carry and leave for me throughout the various turns of my life.

I believe we are all beings of balance. We crave it. Steadily seeking, struggling, fighting for the feeling to remaining upright. Humans yearn to be in a condition of correct proportions. Naturally, we want to feel good. Happy. Stable. Yet it seems we often forget, or perhaps choose to not see, that true balance may just be the commitment to riding the waves of a wavering world. A life that involves both dips and rises, times of strolling and times of speed, loss again and again, sad and happy. If the true standard for health is not "happy", but the full range of emotion, than this may mean that real living lies in the ability to find balance within self, while in a world of instability. The gems of the amethyst stone provide insight...

The Amethyst is of the violet variety of quartz much like the sky at the turn of night and day. As a natural stress reliever, the energy of amethyst provides clarity of the mind, elimination of negative energy, protection from the dangers of oneself, and the encouragement of inner strength. It serves as a reminder of our personal responsibility to preserve self. To take care of self, in addition to our thoughts and emotions. Amethyst connects us to the Divine, which can be interpreted as the mindfulness needed in making appropriate decisions and responses. The amethyst is an inner voice that speaks new ideas in a way that dares to not just be, but do different. As a stone of contentedness, amethyst is said to be the "talisman of focus and success".

Amethyst Counseling Services, PLLC lives on the foundation of the 'gems' of the amethyst stone. If we are to live full, meaningful lives, we are required to do the inner work of providing space within ourselves, to create balance for ourselves. It is how we respond to the inevitable sticks and stones that interrupt our emotional stability, rather than pouring our energy into the sticks and stones themselves. What would it mean for you to seek clarity of the mind? Can you consider a life in which you've built your own balance? All the tools you need to live can be found in and through you. And THAT is an ultimate gem.

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